If you are unhappy with us

If you are unhappy with us

If you wish to complain about how you have been treated, - whether you are a patient or a close relative - you are entitled to express your opinion. By so doing, you also contribute to making health care safer. There are a number of authorities you may contact if you wish to make a complaint.

If you want to complain about waiting times, how you were treated, the information you received etc, you should first contact the Patients’ Advisory Committee (Patientnämnden)


If you come from a region of Sweden outside Stockholm, you should contact your local Patients’ Advisory Committee. You can find addresses on this website  http://www.patientnamndenstockholm.se/index.html


If you want to apply for economic compensation

By law in Sweden, anyone who is injured in connection with (public?) health care is entitled to compensation if certain criteria are met. If you receive treatment from a private health care provider through the provision of your Regional Health Authority (Landsting) then you are covered (may be covered?) by insurance through the Local Authorities’ Patient Insurance Scheme LÖF (Landstingens Ömsesidiga Försäkringsbolag)

Patients with private health care insurance are not eligible for compensation from their regional health authority. We at SSC have insurance through the company IF and you should contact them if you are (come to us as) a privately insured patient. Telephone: 08-792 73 59.

If you were injured before 1 April 2013 then you should contact Salus Ansvar. Telephone: 0770-78 20 20


Injury from health care

If you have been injured through the provision of health care then you are entitled to report it to

the Health and Social Care Inspectorate.

Your application should include:

The incident that the complaint is about

When the incident happened

The name, address and ID-number of the patient

The name and address of the applicant (if not the same as the patient)

Find more information on this on the Health and Social Care Inspectorate’s website  http://www.ivo.se/anmala-och-rapportera/klaga-pa-varden/Sidor/default.aspx

Use the form “Reporting unsatisfactory health care” when you make your report. This can be found on their website.

Send your report to:

IVO - Health and Social Care Inspectorate

Avdelning öst
Box 6202
102 34 Stockholm 

If you have any other questions about filing a report you may get in touch with our nurse with responsibility for patient safety. Telephone number: 08- 509 027 17