Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy for Stockholm Spine Center AB (SSC)

Stockholm Spine Center shall, within the framework of its operations, contribute to a sustainable society. The Environmental Policy forms the basis of our environmental work. Stockholm Spine Center shall:

  • Endeavour to continuously reduce the company's environmental impact
  • Reduce the use of chemicals and their emissions
  • Develop the use of IT to reduce paper consumption
  • Motivate staff to act environmentally and utilise their awareness and commitment
  • Apply Stockholm County Council's fact-based environmental requirements in all ordering and handling
  • Comply with all current legislation, regulations and regulatory requirements
  • Strive to constantly improve and develop our environmental commitment in the long term

Environmental programme

Environmental work at Stockholm Spine Center


Stockholm Spine Center's environmental management system has been reviewed by SEMKO Certification AB and complies with the requirements of SS-EN ISO 14001:2004. Certification was issued on September 13, 2007.

Since then, the environmental management system has been reviewed annually by an external environmental auditor, and the 14th of september 2013 a recertification took place. This is valid until the 13th of september 2016.

The Environmental Team normally meets on a monthly basis. Internal audits are conducted annually when the management system is also evaluated. The evaluation comprises of an assessment of improvement possibilities and the need for changes in the management system, for example, the content of the environmental policy and environmental goals (see below).

Our environmental goals aim to reduce washing, the use of consumables, the use and prescription of pharmaceuticals, and goods transport.


Our premises are cleaned by service company ISS.

Departments, operating and recovery wards are cleaned every day. Reception is cleaned three days a week.

The treatment room is cleaned every day and all other areas twice a week. All premises are given a thorough cleaning once a year.